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IOHK wants to move to k=500 at Epoch 234 (21:44 UTC Sunday 6th December 2020). The move to k=500 will give small- to mid-range pools that are currently struggling, an improved opportunity to attract delegation. It will also have the effect of limiting pool size to 64MM ada, which means over 100 of the largest pools will become saturated.

For more information please view the following article from IOHK:


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In epoch 225 we will probably produce 2 blocks (luck 400%). More information can be found in the Rewards section.

To make sure that our pool will still exist, I need you! Please delegate to our pool.

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It looks like our luck is coming back.

In epoch 224 we will produce 8 blocks (Luck=112%)

Please keep in mind that on average each pool will bring 5-6% each year.

The last epochs went very badly for us, so the next epochs will go better again!

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