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epoch 236

After 2 very good epochs with a luck performance of 200%, now there comes another rather worse epoch with only 1 block and a luck performance of only 45%. Unfortunately, this is prescribed by the protocol so that a pool remains at an annual return of 5-6%.

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epoch 243

The epoch 242 is slowly coming to an end with a performance of 104% (if we make the 2nd block this night) and it is worth looking into the future (epoch 243). In epoch 243, 5 blocks are predicted with

epoch 242

Tomorrow starts the new epoch 242 and it will be a good epoch. We will get a 2 blocks assignment which will lead to 104% luck performance. :)

epoch 238

I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are currently enjoying the #BTC price and the hopefully soon rising ADA price :) In the current epoch we will produce again 2 blocks. That is a performance of 74%

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