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Epoch 245

In epoch 244 we produced 3 blocks and thus had a luck performance of 158%. That was the second very good epoch in a row. In epoch 243 we even had a luck performance of 258%. It would be nice if the epochs continued to run like this, but unfortunately our luck ran out in epoch 245. Unfortunately, we don't get a block in the current epoch :(

Because our stake is not yet so high, this can happen from time to time. But after that, there are epochs in which we get more payouts (see epochs 243,244).

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Epoch and IOHK update

The new epoch 252 looks better for our pool: we got 1 blocks out of 0,73. This means a 137% luck-performance. https://iohk.io/en/blog/posts/2021/03/04/not-long-till-d-0-day/ "Not long till D (=0) day

epoch 249/250

In epoch 249 and in the coming epoch 250, our pool will not make a block. Unfortunately, this is not satisfactory but we cannot change it. Unfortunately, our active stake has declined in recent epochs

Epoch 248

In epoch 248, we are assigned 2 blocks. This results in a luck performance of 92%. Have a nice weekend and Thanks for delegate to our pool. https://www.pacstakepool.com/calculator

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