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In the new video Charles Hoskinson reports that we unfortunately have to wait one more epoch (14.08.) until we can produce blocks. The decentralization level will be increased by 0.025 (from 1 to 0.975). When we reach 0, the system will be completely decentralized.

CH wants to do this within 200 days (40 epochs). The disadvantage according to the small increasing of the decentralization is that the smaller pools will not receive blocks currently.

During the first week we will need to receive about 13mio stakes to produce blocks.

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Epoch and IOHK update

The new epoch 252 looks better for our pool: we got 1 blocks out of 0,73. This means a 137% luck-performance. https://iohk.io/en/blog/posts/2021/03/04/not-long-till-d-0-day/ "Not long till D (=0) day

epoch 249/250

In epoch 249 and in the coming epoch 250, our pool will not make a block. Unfortunately, this is not satisfactory but we cannot change it. Unfortunately, our active stake has declined in recent epochs

Epoch 248

In epoch 248, we are assigned 2 blocks. This results in a luck performance of 92%. Have a nice weekend and Thanks for delegate to our pool. https://www.pacstakepool.com/calculator

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