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I have integrated a new page to see in detail number of assigned blocks and amount of blocks are expected per day.

Also possible performance and the payouts of the pool across all epochs. The epoch with "(next)" will be the upcoming payout. Enjoy!

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epoch 243

The epoch 242 is slowly coming to an end with a performance of 104% (if we make the 2nd block this night) and it is worth looking into the future (epoch 243). In epoch 243, 5 blocks are predicted with

epoch 242

Tomorrow starts the new epoch 242 and it will be a good epoch. We will get a 2 blocks assignment which will lead to 104% luck performance. :)

epoch 238

I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are currently enjoying the #BTC price and the hopefully soon rising ADA price :) In the current epoch we will produce again 2 blocks. That is a performance of 74%

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